This paper aims to explore the connections between evolutionary biology and
living systems theory on the one hand, and on the other, a currently emerging
initiative called Global Balance which aims to move human civilisation into a
more co-operative way of behaving, bringing all parts of the system into
balance for a sustainable future. It concludes that the emergence of a global
system designed to meet the needs of all, is a natural part of the evolution of
the human species. By learning from evolutionary biology, social change
agents can create the natural design that will allow human civilisation to
develop its next scale of co-operation.

The paper is divided into three main parts. Firstly, we take a short look at the
Global Balance project itself, so you can have this in mind as we explore some
of the theory around it. We then move on to discover how an understanding of
evolutionary systems informs and supports the project. The third section then
takes one concrete map of evolutionary human systems, called Integral Spiral
Dynamics, and uses it to plot where human evolution is at the moment, and
how a project like Global Balance can best contribute to our healthy

Download the PDF here.

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