I am currently writing a new book called The Pain and the Promise.

Here is a recording of a recent presentation with questions and reflection that I gave for the Integral Leadership Collaborative, a great initiative with a vast array of Integrally informed folks (see http://www.integralleadershipcollaborative.com). It lays out the essence of where I am at now and what the book will be about. It is 2 hrs in total. My core presentation goes for c 35 mins from c 10 mins in. The questions and discussion also proved very rich.

Listen to The Pain and the Promise audio

Download The Pain and the Promise transcript

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      1. Thanks. I’ve got a question and an addition to this.

        You mentioned: “…very few people in the world who are looking the context / life conditions in the eye…” and “…find the sources of information that aren’t scared to tell the truth of what’s happening…”.

        My question: Who are doing a good job, and what sources would you recommend? (Would love to hear from other listeners/readers as well)

        And to add to your list: You also mentioned the work of Joanna Macy. For people interested I recommend these videos.

  1. To reply to Koen’s question above about sources. I recommend Paul Ray’s mailing list (send an email to paulhray@gmail.com to ask to be put on it) – he scours the internet for the real and not always pleasant news of what is actually going on, as well as some of the breakthroughs. I also recommend John Petersen of the Arlington Institute – you can sign up for their newsletter at http://www.arlingtoninstitute.org/.

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