Presence in Essence – Letting Go, Letting Come and the Space In-Between

Samaya Hollendewagenweg 20Werkhoven,

Presence in Essence
Letting Go, Letting Come and the Space In-Between
Course Syllabus
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IThis two and a half day intensive will create the conditions for us individually and collectively to experience this process and to make explicit what our unfolding understanding is of how best to host deep transition ourselves.

On Day One we will get to know each other and the questions that are in the room, and then start the process of letting go and hospicing, using the cases that you bring in. That will take us into a presencing practice, from where we will go into the night and our dreamwork.

The second day will be an experience of giving birth to what wants to emerge out of the silence and space created during presencing. The morning of the third day will be devoted to bridging back to the contexts that we came from, and integrating our experience. Each of the sessions will involve some framing, the experience and reflection on the experience. A core part of this will be space for you to journal or otherwise creatively process your experience.

The course will run from June 18 10.00 to June 20 13.00, with evening programs.

Credits and Certification
This course provides 2 academic credits for Wisdom University students.

Required Reading
Presence, by Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski and Flowers
On Living and Dying, by Krishnamurti
Recommended Reading
Theory U, by Otto Scharmer
Integral Psychology, by Ken Wilber
Up from Eden, by Ken Wilber
Post-Class Assignment for Wisdom University Students
Write a 8-10 page essay on your experience and understanding of presence and transition, and how this may inform your own practice

We will be hosted by Samaya, a former nunnery in the center of the Netherlands. It is an oasis of quiet simplicity, with a beautiful garden containing a labyrinth. Their excellent kitchen has a reputation for feeding our bodies well so we can fully digest everything else we take in while visiting.

Tuition Fees

For Wisdom University students (including 2 credits, and assessment of post- course paper): 595 euros

For auditors (non-Wisdom University students): 445 euros personal; 545 euros organizational

Tuition fees are ex-VAT

Logistics Costs – 330 Euros

This includes VAT, lunch, dinner and overnight accommodation. There will be an evening program on Day 1 and 2. Please book this directly with Samaya, our conference location.

To register, email

For content information please contact Peter Merry +31 61 355 4129.

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