Evolutionary Leadership and Organization by Natural Design

Rudramandir 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA

Peter is over on a rare visit from his home in the Netherlands and offered us a unique chance to get to get know him and his work better. He is well known for his expertise and experience in Spiral Dynamics Integral and as founder of the Center for Human Emergence in the Netherlands (CHE...

Talk on Coaching from the Field

A talk about how you can coach people to work co-creatively with the subtle fields of information and energy so they can enhance the probability of achieving their goals.


Embodying the Future – Talk at Embodiment Conference

A talk by Peter Merry at the Embodiment Conference on Embodying the Future. In order to navigate successfully through these turbulent times of transition, we need to be able to access the information in the subtle fields. Energy can only be interpreted through the body. In order to reach up to higher dimensions we need to send our roots deeper. This session will explore the role of the body in working with subtle energies, and what we need to do individually and collectively to be able to unlock the promise that this work holds.


Live Interaction at Conscious Evolution Summit

I'll be hosting a 90 min interactive session based on my talk on Volution and the Pain and the Promise at the Conscious Evolution Summit. The talk will be released on Weds Oct 14. Sign up for the summit here! Here is a trailer of the talk:

Merry Musings #2 – The Way of Wyrd

This Merry Musing will explore the world of wyrd and how it relates to eastern traditions as well as recent scientific discoveries.


Dialogue with Malcolm Stern

Peter Merry hosts Malcolm Stern, psychotherapist, author and the co-founder of Alternatives in the UK.


Bohm, Krishnamurti and the Unity of Everything

Peter Merry hosts a dialogue with British writer, Integral thinker and long-time spiritual practitioner Nish Dubashia on the nature of reality and the relationship between wholeness, multiplicity and fragmentation.